Rajoy no hace nada por ti, sigue recortando tu bienestar mientras aumenta el presupuesto para pagar los intereses de la deuda. Si no se niega a pagar una deuda ilegítima y si no detiene inmediatamente los recortes, el Gobierno debe dimitir. Pero sabemos que el PSOE no es ninguna alternativa y Rubalcaba solo puede decir…

Thousands in #Spain turn out for Madrid anti-austerity protests

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  Tens of thousands of people from all over Spain rallied in the capital on Saturday against punishing austerity measures enacted by the government, which is trying to save the country from financial collapse. Spain is stuck in a double-dip recession with unemployment close to 25 percent. The conservative government of the Spanish…

Week 6. Culture week.

Week 6. Culture week.

The concept of this week that I find fascinating is the transnational diasporic communities. After much thinking about it I thought that my personal experience is that of a transnational subject. I was born in Mexico. Migrated to the USA as I turn twenty. Perhaps this is where i found a much stronger sense of … Continue reading

Copyright in the 21st century.

The 21st Century will deal with issues of copyright in a globalized context. Free trade agreements between nations will become the new paradigm in this century. The geo-political powerhouses, USA and China will dictate the terms under which trade is to ocurred, the possibility of conflict lurkes around the corner. Many nations will become part … Continue reading

Oligopolies and Power in civic society

A short video of the how Murdoch operates. The link between our political system and the media has created a symbiotic relationship of dire consequences for our citizenry rights. As Jeff Sparrow points out, in his article on The New Matilda, ‘under the neo-liberal principles everything has exchange value’ and the paradigm of the interaction … Continue reading