HIstorical background of Globalization. Week 2.

Historically, globalization has been around for quite some time. The imperial powers have seek to expand the control of populations that extend beyond their borders, from the Greeks to the Romans. And currently the USA, had seek to dominate the grand narratives of the west through the control of the local and global discourses. In … Continue reading

The information flow in the internet

The information flow in the internet

The phenomen of the internet as a medium that expresses the interconectedness of human interaction narrated from a holistic perspective. From Wikileaks to Quantum Physics Physics how the internet plays a crucial role in the amplification and intensification of human relations. Appareances include Rapnews Robert Foster, Douglas Rushkoff, author of “Program or be Programed”, among others.  

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About myself. Introduction

I would like to start with the basics. My full name is Francisco Javier Castro Reyes, I was born in Mexico in 1971, I go by Cisco, although there others name I could called. Pancho is derived from Francisco. Speak fluent Spanish. I have lived in Mexico, USA, Spain and Australia. The later being what … Continue reading