Popular culture and the culture of celebrity or To consume and be consumed.

The phenomenon of celebrity culture has been manufactured into popular culture. It is driven primarily by how people use the media, in their everyday experience, as consumers of cultural processes, we are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities of various degrees, from the superstar to the B grade instant celebrities, many of which seem to become famous and forgotten before their fifteen minutes of fame are over.

According to Loius Althusser, these ‘imaginary relationships’ are false representations of an individual in relation to their historical conditions of lived experience”. These structuralist proposition meant that the individual would seek to, unconciously, and on a daily basis ‘reproduce the conditions of social life that maintaned structures of power and domination’. The result of such process of culture as a complex signifyimg system is ‘ argued that the dominant meanings of popular media reflect the class interests of those who own and control these institutiions. Primarily through three key concepts, hegemony, negotiated readings and textual polysemy. Hegemony refers to the dominantion of one class over another one, negotiated readings refers to the prefered reading of a particular media text consistent with the dominant ideology and polysemy refers to the mixed and varied interpretations of text.

A quick look at the picture above would be a good example of what i have describe. Common sense will tell us it is simply a mother carrying her baby, however the intentions are to demostrate the multitude of brands that are ahead of this newborn, this is clearly if you completely agree with my interpretation, Do YOU?


Flew Terry 2007. Understanding Global Media, Palgrave Macmillan, London 2007.


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