Living in a world Post 9/11: The terror of religion in politics

The most significant and often cited reason for the collapse of the Twin towers has been the Islamist extremist, pressumably cells belonging to Al-quaeda. The portrays throught the western media inmediately after the collapse suggested without a doudt the involment of operatives under the direction of Osama Bin Laden were behind the attack. This explanation based on a religious cause has deeply affected the course of our history ever since. With it came the demonization of the Muslim religion and muslims in general, the increased portrayal of Muslims as the ‘other accentuated the divide, the media at a global level has played a crucial role in developing a unified voice, a western view has to prevail. This is exemplified in the famous speech made by President Bush.

The central tennet of this snipet is the ‘attack on our way of life’. The discourse of the a secular state, the USA, leaves no doudt that an attack on the freedom of religion as stated by President Bush will not be tolerated. The implications for the rest of the world are still being felt. Just 2 weeks ago Australians troops were under attack and resulted in three soldiers being killed. The idea that religion and politics are separate does not enter the equation. Islam can not have its politics dictate from a mosque but our western leaders are able to start seatings of parliament with a prayer. The Australian Christian Lobby has repeatedly call for the continuation of such important tradition.

The so call war on terror has in itself a ideological background that will continue to affect us all regardless of whether we have a strong sense of religion or not.

Halik Tomas 2012. The end of tolerance: Rethinking religion and secularisation after 9/11. Religion and ethics 11.09.2012. View on 12.09.2012


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