Oligopolies and Power in civic society

A short video of the how Murdoch operates.

The link between our political system and the media has created a symbiotic relationship of dire consequences for our citizenry rights. As Jeff Sparrow points out, in his article on The New Matilda, ‘under the neo-liberal principles everything has exchange value’ and the paradigm of the interaction becomes the market”(New Matilda, 26.07.2012). As the Levison enquire has shown, the ties between the Murdoch’s media empire and the many goverments that have advanced his interest are closely linked in this regard. The back door meetings held at 10 Downing St. between the media magnate and the goverment(s) of the day, have been to exert political pressure in order to maximize his profit, to deregulate the market and to control the influence over the public discourse. The extent of his influence extend across the globe, with the network of his media empire extending from the US, Fox News, to Australia, Sky News, what this implies its the homogenization of the global narratives, for example of the so called ‘war on teror'(Theobald, 2006)

Another example I would like to refer to is the Mexican Media television station Televisa. The largest spanish network, with aproximately 80% of the market share, along with TV Azteca, they control 90% of the market(Brisa, Pg 9). What this means in terms of plurality of voices is that there are never heard and if they are their legitimacy is questioned.

This is ultimately how Media ownership is able to exert its influence, does Gina Rinehart recently just learned that?



Solís, Brisa. 2009. “Libertad de expresión y el monopolio de los medios de comunicación: el caso mexicano”. El Cotidiano, num. Noviembre-Diciembre, pp. 15-24.

Theobald, J 2006, ‘Mystification in the media: from “ritual murder” to the “war on terrorism”‘, in JH Brinks, S Rock & E Timms (eds), Nationalist myths and modern media: contested identities in the age of globalization, Tauris Academic Studies, London, pp. 55–67. Link to Reading



3 thoughts on “Oligopolies and Power in civic society

  1. Rupert Murdoch is one name that popped in my head as soon as I heard these words “Global Media Empires”. His empire includes TV channels, newspapers, radio channels, movie production houses and magazines. The one man owns almost one fifth of the world’s media capability. Rupert Murdoch and his business operations have been under scrutiny for unethical and at times, illegal operations (The Guardian, 14/7/2011).

    I wrote my third blog on Murdoch’s unethical ways to maximise profits at the cost of ethical responsibilities that Media Empires should respect and adhere to.

    The unethical (and somewhat illegal) behaviour from Media Empires raises concerns about what the media giants are potentially capable of, both good and bad. When I am reading a news story, I couldn’t potentially know how much is being hidden from me, what’s been ill-communicated and whether all stories are being brought to me.

    • Thanks for agreeing with my post. It can be said, that we as citizens should not take for granted that the dominant media will deliver a transparent account of events. I see why Whistleblowers and sites like Wikileaks will proliferate.

  2. You engaged with the reader by demonstrating critical and in depth analysis, between media ownership and the political influence the media can have on politicians. Furthermore, you noted key examples involving Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, which has certainly been tainted through the findings of the Levison enquiry in the UK. Neo-liberal principles seem to have played their part, especially in Rupert Murdoch’s case, delivering him vital political leverage in the USA, UK and also Australia.

    The plurality of different news stories having political biases needs to be considered, although ethical information gathering practices (privacy law) should be right at the top of the agenda. However, it is good to see a mix of political opinion on news networks, such as the ABC and Sky News in Australia, with people from both sides of the political spectrum putting their points forward.

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